Lumen in Art

Robbert ten Caten

Robbert ten Caten is one of the founding fathers of the biggest festivals in Europe. He started his first international light festival in 2006.

He already has 12 years experience in organizing Light art festivals. In the summer of 2017 Robbert ten Caten started a new company with his partners to focus his activities more on international light festivals all over the world. The companies name is Lumen in Art where Robbert is the director.

Lumen in Art is involved in 9 International Light Festivals at this moment. Cidneon-Brescia, Festungsleuchten-Koblenz, Rheinleuchten-Loreley, Parknachten-Schloss Dyck Neuss, Enchanted Gardens-Arcen, Essen Light Festival, Light Night Leeds, Lichtfestival Doornenburg, Bella Skyway-Torun.
In 2016 he was invited by Cieli Vibranti, in combination with Comitato Amici del Cidneo Onlus, to visit the Castle in Brescia and check the possibility to organize an international light festival, and fell in love with the Castle, immediately.
He was totally convinced, as the Comitato Amici del Cidneo and Cieli Vibranti, that the Castle could be a great playground for artists and he gives the supervision to the CidneOn Festival 2018.

Robbert ten Caten is the founder of ILO – International Light festival Organisation, a foundation that brings together more then 20 selected international light festivals from all over the world.

Recently, also CidneOn became a member of ILO thanks to the great success of the first edition and to the fact that it is the first international light festival in the south Europe entirely realized in a medieval castle.

ILO is a place to share experiences and cooperate in the research and development of new art projects related to light, as a sign of European and international breathing cooperation. Brescia, thanks to CidneOn, is the first Italian city joining ILO’s network.