What is CidneOn

“CidneOn – International Light Festival”, held since 2017 in Brescia Castle is the first festival of light-art with this formula in Italy and the only one in the world to be completely held in a castle; it is also part of ILO (International Light Festival Organisation), the network that connects the most important international light festivals. In February 2017, the first edition of “CidneOn – Festival Internazionale delle Luci” was a great success with 150,000 visitors in only five days. A success which was confirmed in the second edition which attracted over 270,000 visitors in eight days thanks to the combination of the creativity of the artists and the unique settings of the Brescia Castle, the largest urban fortress in Europe.

The project, promoted by the Comitato Amici del Cidneon (Friends of CidneOn) and organized by UP! Strategy to Action under the artistic direction of “Cieli Vibranti” and the guidance of Robbert Ten Caten è, was also formed to bring the Castle to the centre of attention of Brescians and tourists. The objective has been fully reached thanks not only to the exceptional public influx but also and above all the increased number of free visits to the Castle, estimated at over 500%.

The festival has also enjoyed important press attention, both local and national. Worldwide artists have brought installations, video shows and original projects that combine light and sound design to Brescia Castle, but the festival, in the two editions realized to date, has also involved the local area, with ad hoc projects entrusted to the local Fine Arts Councils, performing live musicals and more than 2000 junior school children from the city realized a light installation.