Comitato Amici del Cidneo Onlus


Founded in January 2015 by 31 promoters (now 87), who play a significant part in the professional, cultural, economic-entrepreneurial and religious areas of the city. The Committee arose from the awareness that Brescia Castle and the Cidneo Hill are unique features of the Italian landscape, because of its point of view of size, large green areas and central position in the city.

At the beginning of 2015, however, most of these areas were almost inaccessible, rarely visited and in any case underestimated. The Committee wanted to be of service to the relevant local institutions as a stimulus for the enhancement of the entirety and its repossession on behalf of the citizens of Brescia.

Through study and research, enhancement, promotion and economical and commercial development they wanted to regain the main purposes of the Castle and the Cidneo: museum, nature, sport, entertainment and tourism.

The Committee is open to all those who share the wish to enhance the Castle and Cidneo Hill.

In January 2016, a year after its foundation, the Committee wrote the Libro Bianco (White Book) containing 30 projects and proposals for the enhancement of the Castle and Cidneo Hill. This important contribution of ideas and projects, was presented to the relevant authorities and to the population of the city, in the belief and hope that the considerable amount of work undertaken would be the beginning of an honest and shared programme of enhancement of Cidneo.

In July 2016 the Committee, encouraged by the Mayor, produced and delivered to the institutions and the population the schedule of the projects of the White Book, which sets forth the schedule based on feasibility, priority, criticality, financeability and timing of realisation – short term (within 6 months), middle (within 2 years) and long term (over 2 years).

The important programmatic contribution was not only a theoretical exercise. A large part of the objectives has already been reached or is in the process of completion whereas some are part of future projects thanks also to the initiatives taken by “Fondazione Brescia Musei” and the “Comune di Brescia”.

The illumination of the Castle is one of the projects of the White Book. The Committee has promoted and realized, during the week of S. Faustino in 2017, the first edition of the "Festival Internazionale delle luci in Castello" called CidneOn or "light up the Castle", which was a resounding success bringing attention to the Castle and reawakening interest in the Castle. The 2018 edition is promoted by the “Comitato Amici del Cidneo” and organized by the company UP! Srl.